Do I Need A Website For My Podcast?

The short answer


You do not need a website for your podcast well, not necessarily.

 Yes, I will explain

So, to create a podcast the right way you should utilize an official podcast hosting service such as blubrry

Blubrry is not the only podcast hosting service but it is blakcade’s preference. So with that said…back to websites. If you go with blubrry watch 1st video below for step-by-step guide on how to setup your podcast without a website.

But, the question then becomes what is best for you long-term?

The answer to this question comes down to one-word “MARKETING” if you’re interested in growing your brand, and gaining a substantial following a website goes a long way. Building an audience and growing a community around your show is no easy task, and you’ll want to utilize all the tools available to help the process.


If you have a black-owned business or non-profit having a website on our platform allows us to significantly help create that community around your show.


1) Firstly, when you send us your recording, we create the episodes for you from your blakcade site. When an episode is created, it’s automatically posted to the “community feed”. Once in the community feed blakcade admin will re-post to  our social media outlets and we encourage your fellow members to repost as well.

2) We solicit advertisers on your behalf, helping you to monetize the show.

3) we incentivize blakcade members to cross-promote with you and your show. Exploring opportunities of creating an additional revenue stream and/or leveraging each other’s audiences. Contact blakcade admin on the platform for details and more network benefits.

Step-By-Step: Setting up a Podcast using Blubrry Hosting without a WordPress site

Benefits of Having a podcast website

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